Title & Book Cover Consulting

A book title has seconds to grab your reader’s attention and make them curious to learn more. 

WHY you need a great book title.

Your book title is your single biggest opportunity to sing your book’s unique offer, but there’s a catch. It has only seconds to grab a reader’s attention and pique their curiosity.

Here’s the harsh truth: No matter how urgent your message, how compelling your story, or how helpful your insight or solution, your book’s chances connecting to readers plummets if you don’t get your title and book cover pitch-perfect.

A great title sticks and spreads. Like a brand name or a slogan, a book title needs to hook your reader and share why your book matters to them in a few catchy words. The goal is to move them to the back cover (or inside flap) copy, a sales pitch that hopefully gets them to buy

I help clients find their best title using market insight and copywriting chops honed over careers as a journalist and advertising copywriter. I’ll also advise on the right book cover design and copy for your book and author-brand.

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