Want to work with a publisher?

Book Proposal
& Pitch Plan

A standout book proposal that grabs the attention of agents and makes the business case for your book is key to landing a publishing deal. Getting this right puts you well ahead in an ocean of competition.   

WHAT's a Book proposal? (AND WHY YOU NEED ONE)

Seeking a traditional publishing deal? You’ll need a professional book proposal with sample chapters to make the business case for your book to agents and publishers. Your pitch plan is your personal roadmap to connect with agents and publishers that can also guide your future marketing efforts. 

Do I need a book Proposal if I've done a blueprint?

A Book Proposal builds on the foundational work of a Blueprint to create a powerful sales tool that’s a must for convincing a publisher that they need to invest in your book (and not one of a hundred others they’ve seen that week). If you’re self-publishing, you might skip this and dive straight into writing. A book proposal gives you more than just publishing options: Doing this heavy thinking upfront gives writers the reassurance of clarity and the confidence that they can do this.  

Book Proposal

A complete and professional book proposal with sample chapters that's ready for submission to agents or publishers.

A precise roadmap for writing your book and help you avoid pitfalls like writer's block and just get your book done.

Proof that you can write this book AND that you're the best person to do it.

A Book proposal and pitch plan is for you if ...

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