Have a great idea?

Book Discovery &
Content Strategy

Your time is valuable. Get clear on what you need to write before you write it to save time, money and energy spent writing the wrong book.

A book discovery process helps you get crystal clear on your idea along with the key elements that ground your book’s success. These include your key concept or big idea, your audience and market, your USP (unique selling proposition), and the best organizational structure for your content.

Most writers begin the long, complex work of writing a book without doing this strategic thinking first. This invaluable strategy plan saves untold hours wasted on writing the wrong book and the money you’ll need to spend to fix a manuscript that’s not working. A book discovery is the single best investment you can make to write a book you’ll be proud of.

What if I have A FEW book IDEAs?

It’s not unusual for writers to have more than one idea. I’ll help you evaluate which idea you should pursue first through a strategic lens to understand what efforts will give the biggest ROI. Most book editors don’t offer content strategy consulting, but if you’re writing a nonfiction book as part of a larger project or plan for your business, organization, or mission, this invaluable insight is key to writing a book that will deliver on your goals.

A Book Discovery may be for you if ...

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