Ready to write your book?

Book Coaching &
Developmental Editing

Ongoing sessions give you personalized guidance and actionable feedback to keep you on track as you manifest your biggest vision for your book. Working directly with me is the most efficient way to write a book that meets and exceeds your goals.

is book coaching & developmental editing for me?

Book coaching & developmental editing gives you personalized editorial guidance, support, and accountability, to fast-track your growth as an author and get you through the long, hard marathon of writing a book. 

It’s the comprehensive support that publishers once provided to their writers but no longer can in today’s publishing economics.

How It Works

You’ll submit your current writing for feedback (10 pages or up to 3000 words).

We’ll meet virtually to by phone to review my feedback and discuss your current challenges.

You'll get a high-level written summary of our discussion with next steps for advancing your draft and customized resources to help you.

You’ll leave each session with confidence and actionable solutions to keep you progressing through your draft. It’s the most efficient way to finish a book that you’ll be proud of.

*A minimum of commitment of 4 sessions is required to work with me.


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