Why Work with Me?

(or why I became an editor)

I didn’t have a problem with writing until I tried to write a book.

Before I was an editor, I was a journalist and then advertising professional who led creative teams. So, when I got the itch to write a book, I knew how to just sit and do the work. Good for me, right?

Not really. I landed deep in a draft that didn’t work. In my quest to get it right, I became a Certified Story Grid Editor trained by Shawn Coyne, an editor with 25+ years of experience. Now I help other writers become authors with proven strategies for moving good ideas from their heads and into a book that readers will love. My clients also benefit from my experience in both B2C marketing and content strategy to help them realize the biggest version of their book. 

I can help you clarify your main point, and your book structure, and your voice.  I’m also an experienced creative coach who helps writers move through blocks, from overwhelm to imposter syndrome. 

Books have the power to change lives, and skillful storytelling that sways minds and hearts is the most effective way to communicate your idea and leave a lasting impression. Unlike most business book editors, I know story. 

Working with me fast-tracks your timeline for writing a book that delivers on your goals, whether that’s establishing your brand or authority, sharing your expertise, or selling more goods or services.

If you’re serious about writing a book, we should talk.